We’re a team of three – Mark, Shelley and Peter – each of us specialising in our own field.

If you’re an Individual, Sole Trader or Landlord having a crisis with your Personal Taxes and need someone to get your affairs straight, Mark Ferbert is your man.

If it’s your Limited Company that’s keeping you up at night, Shelley Woodbury will come to your rescue. If you’re working in healthcare then Peter Watkins is the one you need.

We like to welcome new clients to Blue Penguin very slowly, each taking on just one new client per month. This means we can offer a very personal service from the moment you join us. It also means we have a short waiting list.

So please do book a short meeting below, and if you think we’re going to be a match, we’ll get back in touch when we’re ready to make the magic happen together!

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

We’re fully booked right now and aren’t able to take on any new clients for the 22/23 tax year. 

But, if it’s your 23/24 tax affairs you’re wanting expert advice for, the A-Team are ready and waiting for you: