When you run a small business there’s no job description. Your days are taken up with customers, staff and working out how to grow your business. Talking to your accountant is way down the list of priorities.

But we are worth talking to!

The right Chartered Accountant can reduce your tax bill, help you fund sustainable growth and keep you on the right side of HMRC. We also save you a lot of time and trouble.

“Would highly recommend. Very approachable. Pete and Ace are lovely.”

“The difference is remarkable. Peter saved us thousands within an hour of working together.”

“My financial therapist!”

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Time is precious so we never waste it. No vanity newsletters or complex financial statements. We tell you how to keep your business compliant, solvent and successful. What you need to know, when you need to know it, and in plain English.

Don’t spend your time trying to ‘get past the receptionist’ or being fobbed off with this month’s new starter who doesn’t even know your name let alone your business.

We Have No ‘B’ Team

Remember, anyone can call themselves an ‘accountant’ and promise you the world. Crazily, it’s not a protected title. So make sure you entrust your business to a firm with “Chartered” in their name. It’s the hallmark of at least six years’ training and professional development to get to where we are today.

We value every client. Whatever the size of your business you’ll be looked after by an experienced accountant – not by a trainee, or somebody who only just qualified.

We have a clear, easy to understand charging policy. Our annual fees are spread over 12 months, and reflect the value of our advice and the quality of our service.

Why is an Accountant Like a Penguin?

Penguins, like accountants, come in various forms. The big Emperor penguin, the fancy Macaroni penguin, and the Blue penguin (smallest of the lot). They are all penguins.

The ponderous Emperor must consume vast quantities of fees (sorry, fish) to keep going. The Macaroni likes you to admire its fine suit and offices (sorry, plumage). And there’s the humble Blue penguin – does all the penguin stuff while being more nimble and endearing.

Unlike a real penguin, we can help with all the regular accountancy tasks, including:

– Management Accounts
– Year-End Accounts
– Tax Advisory and Personal Tax Returns
– Payroll and Auto-Enrolment
– Companies House filing

Best of all, we don’t smell of fish!

Work with Blue Penguin

We don’t take ourselves too seriously (you’ve probably got that message). But we do take your finances and business success very seriously – so much so that, if we don’t think we’re going to be a good fit for your business, we’ll be honest – unlike a lot of accountancy firms, we don’t just take on clients because they have a chequebook and a pulse…

If you like the sound of us from our website, the next step on your journey is to book a Test Drive in my diary using the Contact widget at the bottom of your screen. See you there!

Based on 41 reviews
Sarah Jones
Sarah Jones
We can't say enough positive things about the Blue Penguin team and the services we receive. The team are so professional and lovely to interact with, and the support and services they provide excellent. We would recommend working with them to anyone.
Sharad Bhargava
Sharad Bhargava
Have been working with the Blue Penguin team for about 5-years now and couldn't be happier! Always very quick to respond, always very efficient, and always very knowledgeable. Will continue using their accounting services in the years to come.
Isobella Martins
Isobella Martins
Peter was really knowledgeable about the unusual NHS payroll and tax, and gave me lots of helpful advice, thank you!
Wajeha Qureshi
Wajeha Qureshi
Super efficient and very helpful with tax returns! I’ve been a client of Blue Penguin for years now and they always provide the most impeccable service.
clare james
clare james
Thanks for the extremely prompt and efficient service - my tax returns have never been filed in such a timely manner!! Excellent, comprehensive covering emails explaining in layman’s terms all the relevant information.
Sharon Stone
Sharon Stone
Always helpful when you need them, brilliant accountants
Liam Pocock
Liam Pocock
Peter, Mark and the team are extremely efficient, professional & approachable. Would highly recommend anyone to get in contact with any accountancy related query they may have.
Jack Down
Jack Down
Peter is an accountant who you can genuinely like as a person! Very professional & knowledgeable service/support. Definitely recommend Peter and his team at Blue Penguin.
Chris Hutt
Chris Hutt
First class accountancy service and all round business advice - now handles all my business and personal accounts. The quality of the monthly management reports and commentary allows me to make informed business decisions and react quickly if there are any areas of concern.
Julia Steward
Julia Steward
Peter is responsive and approachable and speaks plain English! Nothing is too much trouble for him and his team. What's more he gives me confidence that he has an ethical approach and always acts in my best interests. I recommend him without