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Chartered Accountants Who Like to Smile

Accountancy can be dull (unless you’re a Chartered Accountant) – we know that. So we set out to create a service that was a bit less stodgy and a bit more relaxed to deal with. So you get the support of a Chartered Accountant, without the pinstripe.

Our typical client will be turning over between £85K and £500K. They will be selling their expertise as a professional themselves, perhaps in finance, medical, recruitment, legal or creative industries. We tend not to get involved with retailers, manufacturers or agricultural businesses. It’s not that we don’t love them, but we’d be frauds if we held ourselves out as experts in the, er, field.

I like a close relationship with my clients, meeting at least once but usually twice or four times a year to concentrate on your business. If you’re looking for a once a year ‘letter in the post with your accounts for signing’ type service, we’re probably not for you.

If you sound like our sort of client, and you’re thinking: ‘I want such a close working relationship with my accountant that I’ll probably invite him to my summer BBQ’ then I think it’s safe to say you’re in the right place.

Of course, we’ll invite you to the annual Blue Penguin bash too!

It is unwise to pay too much, but it’s worse to pay too little.

When you pay too much, you lose a little money – that’s all. But when you pay too little, you lose everything, because the thing you bought was incapable of doing the thing it was bought to do.

The common law of business balance presents paying a little and getting a lot – it can’t be done. If you deal with the lowest bidder, it is well to add something for the risk you run, and if you do that you will have enough to pay for something better.

John Ruskin

how much does penguin cost?

Let’s not be coy about it – that’s probably the reason you found this page. And that’s fine with us. Investing in the right accountant is important for your business. John Ruskin’s advice from the 1800’s is as important today as it’s ever been.

“Blue Penguin probably costs more than your current accountant”

That’s a bold statement indeed. But we’re realists. If you are happy with the service you’re getting from your accountant, then you’re here because you’re looking for the same service for less investment. That means somewhere along the lines, corners will be cut and you’ll end up disappointed. We don’t ‘do’ disappointment. If (hopefully) you’re here because your current accountant isn’t providing the service your business needs and deserves then we can help. Think of it as an upgrade to the next level of support. An additional cost, of course. But can you afford not to give your business – your livelihood! – the support it deserves? You might be pleasantly surprised. In my experience, firms have two general approaches to pricing. They’re both wrong, in our Humboldt humble opinion: There’s those who offer one-size-fits all pricing – great if what your business needs is exactly the same as everyone else. But is your business the same as everyone else’s? Then there’s those who seemingly pull a figure out of the air. This is code for “what do I think I can get away with?” and it’s not cool. We take a somewhat Buddhist ‘Middle Path’ approach. In our first meeting, we’ll run through with you all the services we know will benefit your business. We won’t bore you with what won’t be useful. Once we know what level of support you’d like, our software will produce a quote for you there and then. It’s broken down service-by-service so you can make sure you get everything you need from us – and nothing you don’t. All our fees are paid monthly. That’s great for your cash flow (and, frankly, ours) as well as giving you certainty over what you pay. No more surprise bills!
work with blue penguin

We don’t take ourselves too seriously (you’ve probably got that message). But we do take your finances and business success very seriously.

Our fees are more modest than some, but we are not the cheapest accountant around. If price is your only concern then we are not the firm for you. If you want to pay a good price for a great service, a direct number to your named contact and someone who is always thinking of your business, read on…

“Monthly service packages start from £100 per month for the simplest of businesses, and most of our clients pay between £200 and £500 per month for an all-in service taking care of everything”

If you’re looking for an accountant who is more in tune with your business – and with you as a person – give us a call.

What We Do (Like You Didn’t Already Know)

Time for the usual list of things that accountants do. You probably already know what these services are. After all, we’re Chartered Accountants.

But if we don’t write them down, Google might not understand that we’re proper accountants based in Taunton, Somerset!

And then you might not find us, which would be a shame for us both. So here’s some of the ways we can help.

But it’s hard to turn our ethos of taking time to understand what drives you (more free time? Ferrari on the drive? Retire early?) and building a life long relationship around that, in to a few keywords for the nice people algorithms at Google.

So perhaps you should give us a call and see why people love working with Penguin.

Management accounts

Monthly, quarterly or half-yearly accounts highlight how your business is performing. Keep it simple, or drill right down to the detail – it’s up to you.

year-end accounts

A great opportunity to take stock and plan, even if you’re a sole trader and don’t legally have to.

Bookkeeping & VAT

Not how you want to spend your time – so let us get on with it. Cloud-based software makes it less painful and easier to keep track. We’ll give you an app to snap photos of your invoices so you don’t need paper copies.

Tax advisory and compliance

We’ll sort out your regular personal or company tax returns. You should also think about periodic tax planning for the whole family – we can help with this. Tax returns from £22pm.

pre-year end meetings

You can do a lot more about tax savings if you have more notice. We like to meet with clients about 3 months before each year-end to see what we can save you.

payroll and pensions

Like bookkeeping, submissions to HMRC and pension providers are part of the monthly reporting cycle. Let us take care of it all. From £25pm for 4 employees.

We’re often asked “what’s your hourly rate?” It’s an odd question, and reminds me of the firms who charge you purely based on how long a job takes – with no relationship to the value generated for you. 

When required, we work to a rate of £80ph, but almost everything is based on pre-agreed fixed fees. Our clients like that approach. We hope you will too.

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